1031 Exchange Safety

When helping you with your 1031 exchange our company has two primary responsibilities.

1) Make sure that our procedures comply with IRC section 1031;

2) Deliver your money, as you direct, to the closing (purchase) of your replacement property.

Why can you depend upon us for the safety of your exchange funds?

1) Integrity and Experience.

Attorney Steven Hickox, and Christopher Sayre, MBA Finance, founded 1031x.com in 1994.  We have been in business continuously since then, and are both still actively engaged in the daily operation of the company. When you call our company you can ask to speak directly with either one of us. The 1031x telephone will always be answered during business hours. During our time in business we have performed exchanges involving more than $1 billion dollars in value without loss to the client. We have weathered the ups and downs of the real estate market. We have practiced in this area with expertise and integrity. Our reputation in the business is beyond reproach. A purchase of replacement property has NEVER been delayed by our failure to deliver customer funds ON TIME.

2) How we hold Your 1031 Exchange Funds?

We hold your 1031 exchange funds in a safe, liquid, non-commingled Qualified Trust Account.  We have a fifteen-year history doing business with the same depository; 1031X is the banks best customer and our company has, at times, been their largest depositor. For this reason the service we receive from the bank is unmatched. A new bank account is created for each exchange and for each customer. This process is completely transparent to you as the exchange progresses. Before the sale of your relinquished property, you are part of the process as the Qualified Trust Account is established with our Bank. Your signature is integral to the creation of the Qualified Trust Account. The Qualified Trust Account is created with strict limits on how your funds can be withdrawn. NO WITHDRAWAL can take place without our Bank matching signature on the request for withdrawal with your signature opening the account. We sometimes get calls from our Bank: “We cannot release these funds; the signatures don’t match.” Sure enough we find that the exchanger has authorized some else to sign for them, for their convenience. Our customer then needs to be tracked down in person to obtain the right signature.  In addition to your signature the signature of either Steven Hickox or Christopher Sayre is also required for any withdrawal.

3) Protection From Our Creditors.

The use of a Qualified Trust Account is also important, as is documents ownership of the funds in the account as owned by you, the customer, and not as owned by our Company. In the event a creditor of ours pursued our assets your Qualified Trust Account could never be reached by them.

4)  Accounting.

We maintain electronic records of all transactions, in and out of your Qualified Trust Account. We maintain these records for a minimum of ten years. Clients have literally relied on us to recreate financial records of ancient 1031 exchanges where they have lost their own records. Our records are reconciled with the bank’s records for each completed exchange. We have operated without loss or misapplication of client funds for nineteen years.

5) Exchange Agreement.

Our Exchange Agreement, in addition to the Qualified Trust Account, governs our relationship.  This contract, of which you will be party, is time tested to comply with ALL of the requirements of I.R.C. section 1031 and regulations there under. The language in the contract tracks the language of the regulations verbatim to assure that your exchange will receive tax deferred status.


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