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Defer Your Taxes With a 1031 Exchange

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Since 1994, we've been providing efficient 1031 Exchanges for our clients. Work with the Pros!

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Steven Hickox is the attorney and co-founder of 1031X.com. With over 31 years of 1031 Exchange experience, you're in good hands!

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Chris Sayre, co-founder, is a licensed Real Estate broker and understands the "in and outs" of the real estate industry.

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Toll Free: 1-888-899-1031 
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How Much Can I Save?


Use the calculator to understand possible tax savings.

1. Calculate Net Adjusted Basis:
    State Capital Gain Rate: %
  Original Purchase Price $
    plus Improvements +$
    minus Depreciation -$

2. Calculate Capital Gain Sales Price of Property:
  Sales Price $
    minus Net Adjusted Basis -$
    minus Costs of Sale -$
  = Capital Gain =$

3. Calculate Capital Gain Tax Due:
    Recaptured Depreciation (25%)
(5 taxed at 25%)
    plus Federal Capital Gain Tax
(Remainder:$-100 - $5 taxed at 15%)
    plus State Capital Gain Rate: +$
    Simple Exchange Fee at 1031x.com -$
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Who We Are

Work with the Pros! We have many, many years of combined experience in real estate and 1031 exchanges and are committed to the highest standards of customer service. Put our expertise to work today, and let us help you succeed with your 1031 exchange! We have the greatest clients across the United States, and it is our pleasure to get to know them while we assist them with their 1031 exchange. We hope you enjoy getting to know a little about us too!

Steven Hickox

Christopher T. Sayre

Denise Warfield

  • Great working in the past with Steve. Saved me thousands of dollars in a previous transaction which has created me as a loyal client.

    — Kerry Blasdel | Denver —

  • Denise, Steve and Chris have always provided me exceptional service on my and my clients exchanges. I did my very first exchanges with Steve many years ago.

    — Charlie Gerretson | Gerretson Realty, Inc | Denver, CO —

  • I own a real estate firm of 450 agents and all of them go to 1031x.com. They are extremely knowledgeable and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the transactions. Great job guys!

    — Lon W. —

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Defer Your Taxes With a 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange Accomodator

Oil and Gas Exchanges

Reverse/Construction Exchanges

1031 Exchange Safety and Security

Latest News

1031 Exchange Estate Planning

Both 1031 exchanges and estate planning are about minimizing tax. 1031 exchanges allow real estate investors to hold onto their capital gains, deferring the income tax. This 'tax deferral' compounds the growth of investment portfolios. 1031 exchanges can, therefore, compound estate planning problems. Estate planning involves the movement of wealth from one generation to another while minimizing tax liability. As an estate planning tool: A useful strategy for parents to pass their real estate holdings on is to have the real estate deeded into a family partnership or LLC. The parents that have acquired the real estate are able to continue to take income from the property, but their heirs receive the property without estate tax and can continue to 1031 exchange the property and grow a real estate portfolio. In this way, the assets are passed to the next generation at their current value instead the appreciated value at upon the parents' death. This occurs without stripping the parents of their ability to support themselves with current income from the assets. Please contact us with your 1031 exchange and estate planning questions.   → Read More

Related Party Transactions In A 1031 Exchange

Related Party transactions require special attention in a 1031 Exchange Related parties and related entities are described in Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 267(b) and 707(b)(1). Those laws can be summarized as: “Related parties” include individuals who are lineal ancestors or descendants, brothers and sisters and spouses. Related business entities include corporations, partnerships, and LLCs in which the taxpayer (or a related individual) holds a fifty percent or greater interest. Parties also include an estate in which you are a beneficiary or a trust of which you are a beneficiary. Aunts, uncles, cousins, nephews and relations by marriage (except spouses) are not considered. Planning opportunities exist. For example a son in law can purchase replacement property from his in laws without running afoul of the rules.  → Read More

Oil and Gas Investments

Certainly the most common exchange we facilitate is real estate for real estate. Did you know the definition of "real property" includes mineral / oil and gas rights?  → Read More


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