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Defer your taxes with a 1031 exchange


Safe, Affordable Service

Since 1994, we've provided safe and efficient 1031 exchanges. Our banking partners hold client funds securely and always deliver on time.


Experienced Legal Aid

Steven Hickox is the attorney and co-founder of 1031X.com. With over 31 years of 1031 exchange experience, you're in good hands!

Real Estate Professionals

Chris Sayre, co-founder, is a licensed Real Estate broker and understands the "in and outs" of the real estate industry.

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Capital Gains Tax Calculator: How Much Can I Save?

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Investors who use 1031 exchange to defer their capital gains tax generally have extra capital to improve the properties they purchase.
Use the calculator to understand possible tax savings.
Contact us at 1031x.com or 888-899-1031 with any questions!

1. Calculate Net Adjusted Basis:
    State Capital Gain Rate: %
  Original Purchase Price $
    plus Improvements +$
    minus Depreciation -$

2. Calculate Capital Gain Sales Price of Property:
  Sales Price $
    minus Net Adjusted Basis -$
    minus Costs of Sale -$
  = Capital Gain =$

3. Calculate Capital Gain Tax Due:
    Recaptured Depreciation (25%)
(5 taxed at 25%)
    plus Federal Capital Gain Tax
(Remainder:$-100 - $5 taxed at 15%)
    plus State Capital Gain Rate: +$
    Simple Exchange Fee at 1031x.com -$
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Meet our team

Our 1031 experts boast more than 80 years of combined experience in the 1031 exchange industry. We include licensed attorneys, real estate brokers, former investment advisors, and securities brokers. What began as a small shop in Denver, CO now encompasses a nationwide team with employees in Texas, Florida, Colorado, and near New York. Our staff regularly team 1031 courses and seminars to investors, brokerages, title companies, and agents. 

Steven Hickox

Christopher T. Sayre


Denise Warfield


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    Great working in the past with Steve. Saved me thousands of dollars in a previous transaction which has created me as a loyal client.

    — Kerry Blasdel | Denver —


    Denise, Steve and Chris have always provided me exceptional service on my and my clients exchanges. I did my very first exchanges with Steve many years ago.

    — Charlie Gerretson | Gerretson Realty, Inc | Denver, CO —


    I own a real estate firm of 450 agents and all of them go to 1031x.com. They are extremely knowledgeable and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the transactions. Great job guys!

    — Lon W. —

What We Do

Defer Your Taxes With a 1031 Exchange

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Is It Time To Cash In (Before the 2019 Bubble Bursts?)

Real estate investors try to look ahead. As we start 2019, many are asking, “Is it time to cash in?” Several markets saw a healthy increase in prices over the last several years. If you were fortunate to buy property in the few years after the Great Recession, you may have a lot of equity that could be used to move up to the next level--especially if you take advantage of a 1031 exchange to defer your taxes.   
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1031 Exchange Strategy: Elder Housing? (Updated 2019)

The housing market in some areas has posted record valuations. California, Nevada, and Idaho among them. You’re thinking about cashing out of your current real estate investments, but what will be your next investment? Although mortgage interest rates are going up, money sitting in a bank account or Certificate of Deposit (CD) barely earns enough each month to buy a latte. Rather than sell your current investments and head to Hawaii, consider investing in a different kind of real estate. You could make more money that you ever dreamed. Or not. The type of senior housing you buy and where you buy it will make the difference between spending large or scraping by. 
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Understanding Reverse 1031 Exchanges - Do you qualify? (Updated Feb 2019)

How To Do a Reverse 1031 Exchange
A brief overview of the process of a reverse 1031 exchange

  1. You have a property you want to sell. This is Property A.
  2. Before you sell Property A, you find a new property you want, Property B. The IRS says that the taxpayer may not own both properties at the same time, if they want to do a 1031 exchange.
  3. An qualified intermediary, like 1031x, purchases and holds Property B until you sell the Property A.
  4. Once Property A is sold (within 180 days), Property B is transferred to you and the capital gains are deferred.
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Toll Free: 1-888-899-1031

Denver: 303-504-0144
Florida: 386-338-0327
Texas: ‭817-813-2304‬

FAX: 303-872-6569

7150 E. Hampden Avenue #200 Denver, CO 80224

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